Our Approach

Our dedicated approach and commitment to achieving results for our clients begins long before we pick up the telephone or type an email.

We recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ model for business development campaigns or business support projects, so we invest time and thought into the early stages of the process to produce individually tailored project plans that remain fluid throughout.

What services do we provide?
Our telemarketing and business support projects are tailored to the individual needs of each client but can include some or all of the following services:
Research & Insight
We work with you to identify your target audience and wider industry context, then using our research tools and data we will form a list of quality prospects to supply the business development campaign
Database Management & Data cleansing
We can undertake one-off data cleansing projects or work with you to manage your databases, to ensure that you have an accurate and responsive list of prospects required for business development campaigns
Lead Generation
We do that initial leg work for you to provide your sales team with the required number of quality prospects
Appointment setting
Our specialists will work the sales leads to provide your sales team with that crucial supply of meetings with key decision makers and potential customers
In-house Admin and Sales Support
We work as an extension of your team to to provide flexible, professional Admin and Sales support when your business needs it. We offer stand-in admin cover, event support or ongoing administrative or sales support including client account management. We can even provide sales mentoring for your internal sales team.
In-bound Telephone Support
We will create a package to effectively manage your dedicated in-bound telephone marketing campaigns, providing a professional service that will nurture sales leads.

How do our Business Development campaigns work?

We like to have open and transparent dialogue from the start to ensure that expectations are accurately managed and that you will always feel secure about the information that you provide to us and how we will use it.


Although no two campaigns are the same, any campaign process will go through four main phases.

Phase 1 – Consultation and Learning

We work with you and your team to establish your key objectives and goals, learn about your business and your customers and come back to you with a campaign proposal for approval.

Phase 2 – Campaign Setup

We will do any necessary research and insight work to inform the campaign, train our team, prepare the key data and set up email and telemarketing scripts.

Phase 3 – Campaign begins

Our team will commence work on your campaign, making the initial calls, tweaking scripts where required and reporting back to you with live data and feedback.

Phase 4 – Campaign reporting & evaluation

At monthly intervals we will evaluate the campaign against what we would expect to see in each of the stages of the campaign and report back to the client, making any strategic changes required.

The time taken for a campaign to reach ‘full speed’ from the start will vary depending on the level of resource committed. Once the campaign reaches full speed, we would usually see the statistics start to plateau with consistent levels of appointments being secured. After this stage, conversion levels will begin to rise and clients can gauge their return on investment and the value of the campaign.

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