When clients come to us for their business development requirements, we always encourage a discussion to look at how our service will fit into their larger marketing and sales strategy.  Businesses are increasingly following trends which focus on digital marketing to grow their brand and business but fail to consider the bigger picture by creating a complete marketing and business development strategy.

Telemarketing campaigns can be highly successful as a stand alone, highly targeted project.  Commonly however, they work most effectively when they form part of a blended approach comprised of a strong marketing mix which will communicate to your customers in the right way through the right channels.

There is no set rule to what your blend should look like as it will be different for each business – it should come from knowing your customers and how best to reach out to them.  The activities within your blend should compliment each other providing reciprocal support of their various strengths to position your business for the maximum success. An example of this blended approach could be delivering an email marketing campaign to a group of identified sales leads targets following a telemarketing campaign, to ensure that your business and those key marketing messages will be kept fresh in their minds. It goes without saying that before implementing any campaigns, it is crucial that all of your working data is GDPR compliant.

The strategy behind your approach should be also flexible enough to allow for ongoing tweaks based upon the insight gained through results tracking. We have found time and time again that conducting detailed campaign monitoring often produces some surprising data for clients who have preconceived ideas about campaign results.

As our business has grown, we have developed evolving relationships with partners who offer can something useful and pretty special to our clients, one of whom are Wrapped Agency based in Yorkshire. We have worked with Wrapped for many years and watched them create and deliver beautiful pieces of branding translated across many mediums. Their flair for design and vision is backed up with technological expertise making them one of the leading design and strategic marketing agencies in the Northwest. We often encourage clients who need that extra help in the brand and marketing sphere to get in touch with the team at Wrapped